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If I want to be an author, then I have to read. I read to learn, and I learn best by deconstructing through book reviews. I want to know WHY I enjoy a certain book so much, and see if I can’t do something similar. You can follow along as I pick apart novels in my book reviews, to see what works for me and what could use more work.

My main points of critique are less about spelling and grammar (although I will remark on egregious errors) and more about storytelling. Who are the characters and how are they built? Does the plot leave me on the edge of my seat or asleep? Is the setting interesting? What themes are brought in? That’s what I try to untangle from every story I read. 

Of course, writing is art and art is subjective. That’s why I want to hear from you! Did I miss something in a book review, or perhaps you have a point of your own? Leave a comment and let me know!

Shadow Play: An Incredible Supernatural Anthology

Some time ago, I received a message from Sarina Dahlan on Twitter. She had seen some of my reviews and ...
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Jurassic Park: A Classic Sci-Fi Novel

Jurassic Park is a 1990 book written by Michael Crichton. Beyond that, I don’t think much more introduction is needed ...
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“Detective Sol: Blood in the Redwoods” Review: Good Characters and Strong Atmosphere

About a week ago, I received in the mail a review copy of Detective Sol: Blood in the Redwoods. It’s ...
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The Faithful Spy: A Thriller with a Lot to Say

I discovered The Faithful Spy, by Alex Berenson, on a used bookstore shelf in Ithaca, New York. It caught my eye ...
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