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david gouldthorpe author

As you’ve probably guessed from the URL of the site, my name is David Gouldthorpe. I’m an author living just outside of Orlando, Florida. This site is for me to share my short stories, blog posts, book reviews, and more!

A bit about myself, I grew up in Mesa, Arizona. After graduating high school I attended Cornell University in New York where I studied Industrial and Labor Relations. Might not be the most literary of subjects, but I’ve used the understanding I gained in economics to help me as an author design the fictional worlds that I base my stories in.

My work experience has been pretty unique, including a semester at Walt Disney World working as a custodial cast member. I got to see behind the scenes in the House of Mouse, meeting people from all over the world. Every day I got to see men, women, and children smile — it’s something that has stuck with me ever since. I’ve also written for DreamWorks’ YouTube channel, and even edited my friend’s thesis film Stalk Me.

However, my journey as an author began during my late high school years, and from 2013 to 2018 I wrote several novel-length fanworks. I’ve always loved storytelling, and I wanted to tinker around with some of my favorite stories. I looked at the settings, the characters, the plots to see what worked and what didn’t. Sometimes the audiences could be tricky, but over time I learned how to piece together solid narratives. Very recently I’ve moved on to fully original work, a big leap but one I’m excited to take.

At the moment I’m working in human resources for a firm called CentralSquare Technologies. It’s given me corporate experience, which I hope to use better flesh out my writing, especially given the corporate environment of my upcoming debut book Fort Irving.

Feel free to look around this site for short stories, book reviews, and information about my upcoming novel, as well as my blog posts. Glad to have you here!