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I’ve been writing for an audience since 2013, and I’ve learned a lot over the years. I want to share my tips and tricks with you! Here you can find my blog posts that focus on the craft of writing and storytelling. If there’s any particular topic you want writing advice on, let me know!

Gollum is tortured by Sauron's minions in "The Fellowship of the Ring"

Why It’s Good to Torture Characters

Authors seem to share many delights. The smell of new books, the smell of old books, the taste of coffee...but ...
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How I Manage Social Media as an Author

As I proceed on writing my debut novel, and as I put out my short stories, my obvious goal is ...
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The Trials of My First NaNoWriMo So Far

This year, I threw my hat into the NaNoWriMo ring for the first time. I felt starry-eyed and excited. I've ...
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Six Things People Miss About Tolkien

If you've written any kind of high fantasy, you've felt the influence of J. R. R. Tolkien. Either you've taken ...
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